30 Online Resources for Business People in the Translation Industry (PART 1 )


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Because I am always searching for new applications and programs to work more productively, I compiled the following list of resources that I currently use, have used in the past or trying out for possible alternatives.  It is by no means an exhaustive list, the amount of resources and programs available out there is overwhelming and confusing that researching all of them becomes  a bit of information overload. So I selected several programs within each category.



1. Trello-https://trello.com/


Trello is  project management tool that allows you to work on several projects at once.  Each project  board allows you to list, color code, and name tasks according to priority and due date.  When assigning tasks to a team, by double-clicking  on the “card” or task and  adding comments, attachments, and instructions it allows  you to “chat” with your team members and get a general progression of your project. Although considered a collaborative  project management tool,  it is great for freelancers who are tackling many projects at once or who freelance in more than one area ( as I do).  The beauty of this program is its flexibility; you can arrange it to fit your needs. The kanban board (workflow board) is a very practical feature. As you move and complete tasks, you can drag and drop them under the To do, Doing and Done columns of the board, so you see your own progression. I personally use this program and love it so far. I can have several projects( boards) open at once and can set weekly tasks by date for each project. I use it  mainly as my content calendar and social media schedule board for each of my blogs and keep track of my translation projects as well.


  • Full integration with Dropbox, MailChimp,  Evernote, Twitter and others (paid version), Calendar view, desktop notifications for important tasks.
  • Web, IPhone/ IPad, Android, and Kindle applications.
  • Available on Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Internet Explorer browsers.  It is a free tool with unlimited board capability. You can upgrade for more functions.


  • No time tracking but does integrate with time tracking apps in the paid version.
  • Phone apps are not fully integrated with all the features of the web application making tasks difficult to access.
  • Less powerful than other tools because its lack of features. Although it has the ability to comment, there is no ability to “chat” with team members on the task (on the free version).

Best for:

This is great  for freelancers to visualize, brainstorm and collaborative ideas.

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10 Productivity Resources Used in Business

There are several tools and software applications that  have helped me  become more productive in my business.  This post will discuss a few of these resources  and how they can increase  your productivity. I would have named this post “A Practical Resource  Guide ” but I have one with that name. Anyhow, the  following is my personal  resource guide list that covers  many areas from resources to software and finally to  social media.

Evernote   (evernote.com)

The one the tops the list of resources  for me because of its many, many uses is Evernote.

I have been using Evernote since March 2011 and I would say that I could not imagine working without it anymore.  t is in effect a note – taking software but it doe also have many uses such as organizing, bookmarking and clipping useful information from websites. This is where I store all of my online dictionaries/glossaries , marketing ideas, blogging notes tagged by subject and by notebooks. It has a wonderful feature where you can share the notebooks(folders)with another user. It is a great feature when working in a team project where you can share or email your files with fellow translators. I recommend it fully.

Awesome Screenshot http://awesomescreeshot.com

This is a  Firefox, Chrome or Safari add-on that allows you to capture portions of text, highlight , circle, annotate or underline material so you can share and email. This works well when you are proofreading and correcting material without altering the original content. Again if you are working on a group project with other translators it is a way of suggesting ideas without altering the original content. It also allows you to gray out sensitive information when you email. It reminds me of the methods used before computers. To me there is still something about circles, arrows and side notes that I find helpful. This is a way of doing that.

Dropbox    https://www.dropbox.com/

This is a remote server application that allows you to take your files with you and access whenever needed. When you upload this file it downloads under the “My Documents”folder . When you work remotely you drag the files needed into Dropbox file  and  access them from the their website . I have used it sparingly  I must admit but do see its benefit. I got used to my thumb drive or memory stick with a little added security that I am still in control of my files. Given that they are saved in a remote server when you upload, the idea of someone else having my information gets me a bit uneasy.

Gist (CRM)   http://gist.com/

This Customer Resource Management tool is the one I use for all my contacts and updates. It is a hub where you can integrate Twitter, Facebook, Gmail, Google Calendar, Outlook and soon Linked-in (you can upload contacts but not automatically).  I have used it for over two years now and although I do love it because it does keep everything about your contacts together, it lacks in many ways too such as a follow-up feature. Yet it searches Google for everything about the contact and for marketing purposes this is great. The shared contacts is great too so as to see which other people they know that you may have in your database. It is a free service and web-based so there is no download. I am still waiting for the upgrade so as to have the full integration with Linked-in and follow-up feature.

WordWeb– A Windows-based dictionary (monolingual) that serves a quick reference for a particular word. There are many others just check out http://www.dicts.info/offline2.php

Wordfinder http://www.wordfinder.com/ Allows look up in various dictionary resources from any Windows-based tool and on the other hand IntelliWebSearch  http://www.intelliwebsearch.com/ does the same although it searches internet resources and offline as well.

Yet just yesterday I stumbled upon TransTools Suite http://www.translatortools.net for Word and all the Microsoft programs and although they had been around since 2007, I had not used their services at all. By what I read is integrates fully with TRADOS  and Wordfast. I will do my research on this one and although it seems straightforward I will have to check that one out.

Friendfeed  friendfeed.com

Ping.fm ping.fm

Finally, one of my marketing efforts is using social media to promote my blogs and my website because of the most difficult things to do is to drive traffic to both. So you have to find ways to promote them all over the internet. I use Twitter and Facebook ( I have a fan page and link my blog there) extensively for this but that cannot be the only areas. Using bookmarking sites, like  Digg, Reddit, Delicious, Stumbleupon can help you get your site read my many, many people. However, that also depends on the followers you  have so truly the first thing will be to begin participating and th contributing to these sites,  and like Twitter, people will begin to follow . I had opened these accounts back in 2008 but abandoned them for a while and as yo have seen people are fickle, if you are not contributing they  drop you quite quickly. So this is where these internet aggregator like Friendfeed and Ping.fm are useful. When you use Friendfeed, you link all your accounts like Twitter and all the accounts you belong to, and when you update an account you update ALL which reduces time.  I read a blog post one day that summed it all with these two: You update with Ping.fm but you receive all updates through Friendfeed and that is the difference between the two.