Career Options in Translation, Interpretation and Foreign Language Studies

I created the following infographic as a result of my research to uncover areas where my writing and language skills would be needed the most and used to its full potential.  Although most of us have an established career in translation and have been doing this for some time, you wonder (or at least I do) “what else can I do” and “where else could my skills be needed.” Well, as I discovered, there are many options and within many industries too.

As we become more globalized, the demand for translators and interpreters  grows and with it the demand for them within certain industries.  If we look at the numbers, (All figures are taken from the Bureau of Labor Statistics website and reflect the latest figures per occupation), some areas are growing exponentially while others seem to be shrinking (travel for example).  The biggest growth is in computer software,web development, and research while others have a moderate growth. Overall, the numbers show that  there is a growing need within every industry specified.

Yet, it is not only the translation skills you offer but the “soft skills” that you have developed in the field that are equally important, valuable and transferable to other areas of business, law, sales, or teaching for example.

The chart is quite self-explanatory.  However, I will include the web link  because I did have issues embedding it properly into the post. I do hope you find it useful and informative. Back over to you.  Do you think you  could make a difference using your skills?  How can you assist?

Back over to you. How do you assist and how do you feel that you have made a difference in your profession?   All of us have worked in many areas so your comments  would be an interesting read.


Thanks for reading.


13 thoughts on “Career Options in Translation, Interpretation and Foreign Language Studies

  1. Nice work! Interesting & very useful.
    May I just suggest to enlarge the info-graph and change the dark background to make it much easier to read.
    Good luck, many thanks and keep up the good work 🙂


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