Linkedin Endorsements : A good thing?

As many LinkedIn subscribers my have noticed by now, there have been many changes and features added  to the site. Some of them, like endorsements for example, may add validation to your skills but as time goes on I ‘m beginning to question if  they are  truly useful.  When they were introduced I thought that they were a good and easy idea  for until you begin to get endorsed by people you don’t know or are connected to for that matter. Actually, that has been the complaint of many people  too. It seems to me that it is a way of getting your name and picture in someone’s profile rather that validating you as a professional. Also, it tends to be a “I will do for you, now return the favor” which then in my opinion  of course tends to diminish the validity of the claim and of the  endorsement feature.   Although most of my endorsements have been by my connections, I have had a few that I don’t know at all  and have endorsed me.  So I wonder how effective in the long run  will this feature  be. They sure don’t replace a recommendation (which I don’t believe it intended either) as they  do not carry the same weight either.

I use LinkedIn quite a lot. I belong to every group possible and I try to interact as much as possible with my connections (online and off) to  have a full assessment of who they are and most importantly how could we be of  mutual interest in business. This is part of the reason, why I only invite and accept invites within my field or target market.  This levels your contacts to more of a professional based relationship so when you get the endorsement it could be of any validity to you or potential client.

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