Purpose for my blog

Since this post is an introduction of how this blog will be laid out and the subject covered, I would say that it is about translation, its process, applications, tools and resources that embody the field. I will dedicate a great amount of time on each area and at times I will just  discuss any problem that arose in one particular project and how I came around to solving it.   I want this blog to be an information source, and I know that there are many out there to compete with, but as a translator myself  I have used many of them not only for research but to gather information about my field.  Most importantly, those  “how tos”  blog posts  on a particular task that are ever so helpful in your most pressing moments. I would encourage discussion among topics and most importantly,  if you have something to share be it a tool, resource, idea, or how you solved a problem, those would be things I would love to hear and share myself.

I started out as a part-time translator back in 2007 doing freelance work in the marketing and advertising field.  I had a full-time job then in a completely different field (finance/banking) and was not to excited about. Translating in a sense provided me with a sense of  expression or truly finding different ways of it.   This at first created a problem (with my supervisor as well) because I did tend to get off subject and tended to forget that I was translating and not rewriting. Yet, it allowed me to use my creativity in my writing, particularly in the medium I was translating for. This also gave me a sense to” speak” to the Latin American market, particularly as I translated the marketing scripts. Most of my work is from English to Spanish but with my excellent cross-cultural communication and interpersonal skills with fluency in English, Spanish and Portuguese , it allowed me  to reach a larger audience. So by the end of 2009, I pursued translating full-time and have done so since. Although I have maintained my specialty translating within the marketing field, I have at times needed to veer of a little and just this past summer I have translated the  website for the National Hurricane Center Miami. This was a total contrast from what I have done but again it allowed me to explore other areas  and styles (in this case technical writing).

Finally, if you want to contact me I am in most social networks although  Twitter, Linked in and Facebook are the ones I use the most. I do have a Facebook fan page . You can search for Hispania Translations and like the page or follow me on Twitter.  Notwithstanding you may also visit  my personal website and find further information there. The direct link is:hispaniatranslations.com

I hope you will continue reading!

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